What’s new in Dbal 5.0 (RC1)

The last major Dbal 4.0 release happened on Sep 14, 2020, which is more than 2 and a half years. A lot happened, I planned to release new versions earlier, but sadly some difficulties in Orm delayed this a lot. But now it is the time we will move forward with Dbal & Orm. Nextras … Read more

Switching Documentation Format

For quite long time all Nextras repos were using Texy. Really great plain text format for writing structured documents. Yet, we are switching to Markdown. As of today, the official nextras.org website is able to render Markdown documentation. We use CommonMark renderer with support for GitHub flavored version. So what is the main motivation: Direct … Read more

Orm & Dbal 4.0

Today we are releasing v4.0 for both Orm & Dbal. The future is now! Orm 4.0 added Embeddables — a new way of data encapsulation, added new Collection functions with support for aggregation, added new collection sorters for null values, implemented optimized relationship loading, implemented support for not-exposing mutability, and many others enhancements; see closed … Read more

Dbal 4: introducing Symfony Bundle

Dbal was from the beginning independent on any framework. Since version 1.0 until now it had not required any external dependency. Of course, you should have had the basic PHP extensions present for accessing the database, but no other dependency is needed. From the start Dbal was providing a Nette DI extension that eased the … Read more

Orm 4: optimized relationship

Orm 4.0 comes with performance changes for relationships. Let’s see what has been enhanced. You could already filter a relationship to minimize the number of fetched entities (by filtering or limiting). Let’s say we want to get the 10 latest books that publisher has published. The code correctly fetches only the needed books and iterates … Read more

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Orm 4: NULLs ordering

Orm 4.0 will arrive later this quarter and will bring handful of small features. One of them is explicit NULLs ordering. The ordering of NULLs is a topic with a “random” default points of view. It depends if you ask a PHP developer, MySQL developer or even PostgreSQL developer. The each platform, language, SQL server … Read more

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Orm 4: Aggregations

During the 2 last years I was training Nextras Orm few times and immediately realized that my take on collection extensions (aka custom collection functions) is not easy to explain, understand and use. Collection functions should brought a way to implement advanced filtering & ordering, such as an aggregation filtering (“select all authors who have … Read more

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All packages are Nette 3 ready

This week the last packages static-router was tagged with support for Nette 3. This means that all our packages are ready. ๐Ÿค— โœ” Nextras Dbal 3.1+โœ” Nextras Orm 3.1+โœ” Nextras Migrations 3.1+โœ” Nextras Form Components 1.0+ (formerly nextras/forms)โœ” Nextras Forms Rendering 1.0+ (formerly nextras/forms)โœ” Nextras Secured Links 1.5+โœ” Nextras Datagrid 3.1+โœ” Nextras Mail Panel 2.5+โœ” … Read more

Orm 3.1 – Property containers

Today we are releasing Nextras Orm 3.1 – a release without much features, but with plenty small fixes and enhancements. Let’s examine the major enhancement of property containers. Also, see full release notes. Property containers Until now, Orm property containers were quite limited to pretty simple functionality, such as converting encapsulating object as a JSON. … Read more

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JSON in Nextras Orm 3.0

Storing an array/std-like object structure as json structure in one db column is pretty common use-case. However, the correct approach in Nextras Orm may not be obvious. ๐Ÿ” Use property container ๐Ÿ˜‰ First, create your JSON container, by implementing abstract methods of predefined helper class ImmutableValuePropertyContainer. Then, simply define your entity property with container: Please … Read more

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