Orm & Dbal 4.0

Today we are releasing v4.0 for both Orm & Dbal. The future is now!

Orm 4.0

Take a look at release notes. Also, read an upgrade guide:

Dbal 4.0

  • added support for Symfony (Bundle + DataCollector),
  • reworked db reflection and added proper multi schema support,
  • introduced new Logger for observing Connection events,
  • added SSL support to MysqliDriver,
  • allow specifying INDEX HINTS for MySQL in QueryBuilder,
  • and many more small fixed & tuning; see closed issues.

Take a look at release notes.

Orm-PHPStan 0.6

We know that to adopt a library it is necessary to provide additional tooling. So we are releasing PHPStan extension with support for latest Orm & PHPStan version. See release notes.

Orm-PhpStorm 0.7

Another tooling is an extension for PhpStorm. We are releasing new version with extensive support for Nextras Orm 4.0. Check release notes 0.7 and 0.7.1 and download from Plugins portal.

You may support further development by:

  • reporting bugs & feature requests,
  • implementing new functionality (sending PR),
  • proofreading & enhancing documentation,
  • writing an article how you use Orm and how it helps you,
  • giving a GitHub star ⭐,
  • sponsoring me.

Thanks @stpnkcrk, @VaclavPavek and @chemix for sponsorship.