What’s new in Dbal 5.0 (RC1)

The last major Dbal 4.0 release happened on Sep 14, 2020, which is more than 2 and a half years. A lot happened, I planned to release new versions earlier, but sadly some difficulties in Orm delayed this a lot. But now it is the time we will move forward with Dbal & Orm. Nextras … Read more

Orm & Dbal 4.0

Today we are releasing v4.0 for both Orm & Dbal. The future is now! Orm 4.0 added Embeddables — a new way of data encapsulation, added new Collection functions with support for aggregation, added new collection sorters for null values, implemented optimized relationship loading, implemented support for not-exposing mutability, and many others enhancements; see closed … Read more

Dbal 4: introducing Symfony Bundle

Dbal was from the beginning independent on any framework. Since version 1.0 until now it had not required any external dependency. Of course, you should have had the basic PHP extensions present for accessing the database, but no other dependency is needed. From the start Dbal was providing a Nette DI extension that eased the … Read more