The progress of Orm 3.0

Hi there! It’s been a while I have published some info about the upcoming release of Nextras Orm 3.0. So, what’s the current schedule?

Nextras Orm 3.0 will be released in 2017!

So, few notes to the current release plan:

  1. I apologize for such delay. The plans were quite extreme. I was not able to fulfill them. Though, many new great features will come, specifically: OR operator and custom functions.
  2. Some feature will be postponed: The most difficult part of these feature is the design. I would have a time to code them, but I had not enough time to design the API, to think it through, to validate the ideas. Also, this is a great oportunity for you to contribute: take a look and think how should the storage reflection factory look, how it should behave.
  3. Currently, only some minor features are missing. Personally, I have deployed current master branch to production of my quite big project. So I have already validated the stability and I expect quite a short RC phase.

The major features of Orm 3.0 will be:

  • OR operator: add a disjunction operator on collection: $collection->findBy(ICollection::OR, [...], [...]);
  • custom functions: create own filtering function to filter data over database and array collection;
  • IModel::refreshAll(): you may refresh the whole entity cache;
  • IModel::clear(): safely clear entity cache;
  • enforced DateTimeImmutable and full support for it;
  • fixed relationship caching, login, traversing;
  • PHP 7.0 type hints;
  • MS SQL Server support;

Orm will be released also with Dbal 3.0. Dbal will bring these features:

  • IConnection interface;
  • enhanced Tracy panel;
  • %json modifier;
  • nested transactions;
  • transaction isolation level;
  • MS SQL Server support;