Nextras Orm 3.0

It’s here. It took more time than I have expected. Nextras Orm 3.0 comes with few major features, huge internal refactoring and many small fixes. Check the release notes on GitHub and upgrade guide. Collection Custom Functions & OR Collection custom functions are a powerful enhancement of repository layer. Now you may do more advanced … Read more

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The progress of Orm 3.0

Hi there! It’s been a while I have published some info about the upcoming release of Nextras Orm 3.0. So, what’s the current schedule? Nextras Orm 3.0 will be released in 2017! So, few notes to the current release plan: I apologize for such delay. The plans were quite extreme. I was not able to … Read more

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Orm hackathon & plans for 3.0

Nextras Orm is getting more serious with every day. It has already passed 2000 installs per month! That is an exciting number! The last weekend I, Jan Tvrdík and David Matějka have met to elaborate on Orm’s internal design and to hack some new needed features. We have discussed many topics, including mapper & repository … Read more

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Welcome to Nextras blog!

Welcome to Nextras official blog! We are proud to start this new blog, Nextras components are getting bigger and bigger and we felt the need for an official publishing platform. We plan to blog-post about: new releases, readmap and planned release dates, development insider info, othe info connected with Nextras components. You may subscribe for … Read more